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This is a wiki about the Yume Nikki fangame Yume Nisshi, one of MANY fangames. If you're unfamiliar with Yume Nikki, you're missing out! You can learn a bit about the game and how to download it at its wiki.

Knowledge of this game is sparce, so please contribute whatever you can! ncluding walkthroughs, difficult maps, effects, and new downloads of the game.


Yume Nisshi is currently at version 0.02 and has no ending.


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  • discussion page Talk:White Plains
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: I'm confused. I found something in the white plains, but I don't seem to see any mention of it either here, or in the yume nikki fangame wiki page....
  • discussion page Talk:Usotsuki
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    Comment: Ya know, I have a theory that Usotsuki may be the predator rather then the prey. Her name means liar. So maybe her appearence is just a lie.
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