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This is a wiki about the surrealistic exploration game Yume Nisshi created by Zenmaigahara, one of the oldest Yume Nikki fangames still in development.

Knowledge of this game is sparse, so please contribute whatever you can! Things like walkthroughs, maps, effects, pictures and downloads of the game would be especially helpful.

Feel free to name locations differently to fit the feel of the area better. You can also feel free to comment or change any character's name (besides Usotsuki). Most names of places and characters are fan given and can easily be put up for debate.


Yume Nisshi is currently at version 0.05 with 22 effects and no ending. According to this Tumblr post, the game was formerly discontinued, but it is still in production as of 2020.


Locations.gif Effects.gif
Characters.gif Events.gif


  • Arrow keys - Walk/navigate menu
  • X/Esc - Open/close menu
  • Z - Interact/choose commands in menu
  • Shift(hold) - Activate effect


  • Version 0.05 (JPN) : [1]
    (Pass: yumenisshi)
  • Version 0.04+ (JPN) : [2]
    (Pass: yumenisshi)
  • Version 0.04 (JPN) : [3]
    (Pass: momotarou)
  • Version 0.03 (ENG) : [4]
  • Version 0.03 (JPN) : [5]
  • Version 0.02 (ENG) : [6]
  • Version 0.00 (JPN) : [7]

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