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Usotsuki (うそつき) lit. Liar






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Usotsuki's Room

Usotsuki (うそつき; meaning "liar") is the only playable character in Yume Nisshi. When she isn't sleeping, she sits idly in her room with only books and a radio to entertain her. Though she never speaks, her dream world provides clues as to what may be going on in her life, as well as her personality.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Usotsuki has dirty blonde hair that goes down to her shoulders, a blue tank-top dress, and purple dress shoes. Out of the "main" fangame dreamers, Usotsuki is generally portrayed as deceptive and violent; much less sweet and innocent than she seems.

She is typically drawn as being a preteen or in the 13-15 age range. Ingame, the certain shots that display her figure other than her walksprite imply that she is slim and childlike in appearance.

Bedroom[edit | edit source]

Like most other dreamers, Usotsuki cannot or will not leave her room. Certain theories regarding Usotsuki's home life lead some to believe that she cannot leave because she has been locked in from the outside.

If Shinjitsuki's room and the path that leads to it can be used as a reliable parallel to Usotsuki's room in real life, her room is on a lower level from the rest of the house, though still up high enough to warrant a balcony. Going off of some of the game files, her house might be located in an area outside of a city.

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