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A room in the Office.

The Office is a location that doubles as a hospital and a school; the player can navigate between the two different buildings by crossing the hallway in the lowest floor. The area is found at the end of the Church. It's fairly large easy to get lost inside of, and consists of five floors in each building.

Because the school is linked to the Church, it could be interpreted as a Catholic school, and could be a reflection of the school Usotsuki attended in real life. The ominous music and presence of a weapon effect may signify that this was not a happy place for her.

Notable Features[]

  • TheNail Bat effect can be found here on the fourth floor.
  • The Coronation event is located here.
  • There is a bed in the hospital area that, when slept in, will freeze the game.


The school portion of the Office is primarily occupied by haunted chairs. Using the Horns Effect will reveal

An uppermost region.

Nice kitty....

what is sitting in them and causing them to move. The schoolyard on the first floor has gray, limbless monsters drifting on the other side of a chain link fence. The hospital section contains more monsters of various colors with large eyes, in rooms with beds occupied by, presumably, patients. These creatures may be the nurses and doctors.

Although they no longer exist in version 0.03, scribble-headed students used to occupy some of the classrooms.


  • Showers (via the massive showering figure on the 3rd floor in the hall)
  • Church (via the stained glass doors)
  • Nail World (via the thermometer-like NPC on the 4th floor)