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The Marble Hall
The entrance to the Marble Hall
[The Marble Hall ]
Location Snow WorldChurchThe OfficeShowersHeadless World
Connecting Areas Headless World, White Plains (after activating the event)
Music Main Area, Trish's Room

The Marble Hall (also called the Castle or Kyonshi no Tenma's Manor) is an expansion of sterile hallways and stained glass windows. There is a distinct exterior of the building, castle-like in its structure with abstract sketches on the door, and the interior, a whiter "marble" collection of inner rooms. This location is sometimes speculated to be a mausoleum or an art hall.

The Marble Hall is home to Trisha and Pholus.

Places of Interest[]

  • The Studio, where the Centaur effect used to be. Pholus can be found here. Attacking him or entering after having attacked Trisha will trigger the fan-dubbed Corpse Blitz Event, during which Pholus will chase you and the halls will be filled with wandering, dying children remniscent to those seen in the fangame .flow. You can also make them appear by activating the Horns effect.
  • Trisha's Room, after the given filenames. It's generally accepted that Trisha is the younger grey girl found here, though fans argue the name belongs to Pholus - contraversy arises due to the fact they are both on the same sprite sheet with the name "trishroom." This room is small, fashioned with dusty rose wallpaper and flooring, a wine colored circular carpet, a single black bed, and a lone doll. Trisha wanders here, and can be killed with Usotsuki's weapon, triggering the aforementioned event. The music is a doleful organ tune with flickers of a vibraphone.
  • Box Room, a room filled with boxes. Interacting with the one in the middle leads to the Headless Rave Girl Event.


  • The Centaur effect used to be collectable here by interacting with the quadrupedal creature under the tarp in the Studio. In version 0.03 it has been replaced with the Chimera effect, found in the Sewers.