The entrance from the garden.

The Enchanted Forest Maze is a map categorized by teleportation, and is a new map as of v0.04. It can be reached through the right arm of the BIrd's Eye Garden, and walking north on the lilipads. To be found in this area are several bushes and crumbling monuments that resemble what is found in a graveyard, as well as cloaked bird npcs just out of reach of the player. The Bottle Effect can be found here, but the npc who you recieve it from is currently unkillable.

It can also be reached via the matching monuments in The Charred City.


The Bottle Effect can be found here since v0.04, but it requires a bit of direction.

  1. From the Bird's Eye Garden:South, Northwest, Northwest, East, Northeast, East, North, North, South, East
  2. From the Charred City: South, East


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