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Will you take the red pill or the blue pill?

The Strange Rooftop is a bit of a misnomer, as the location actually constitutes both the rooftop itself and the dark staircases leading up to it. This area is best known for hosting both the Braid Effect and Pigtails Effect.

It is the highest point of a cylindrical grey tower teeming with large, brown and white organic-looking structures. The background resembles the sky that can be viewed from Usotsuki's balcony.

Featured Effects[]

  • Interacting with the red ribbon will give the Braids, which cause Usotsuki to resemble Yume Nikki protagonist, Madotsuki.
  • The blue ribbon will give the slightly different Pigtails.
  • Usotsuki can only pick one, so choose wisely. Both are purely cosmetic; objectively it doesn't matter as long as one is picked.


  • The colorful sky panorama backdrop accompanying the roof seems to be what lies above the black reaches of the Smoke-Stack World.
  • While the building has a prominent front entrance, the inside can be accessed by going through the back of the tower as well, though this may be an error.