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The Snowy Forest is where the Snow Bug effect is found. It is accessed from a number of places and has more than one room. The largest part of it is a cold, snowing landscape dotted with dead black trees and a menacing, mythological Egyptian dog as a floating panorama. The music here is that of a music box playing lonesome, eerie notes.

To escape the infinitely looping forest reached via the Smoke-Stack World, simply travel left once to reach the wider section.

Notable Features[]

  • A pair of trees holding a light orb, when interacted with, brings the player into a shelter where the Snow Bug effect can be found.

The outside of the house.

  • Another pair of trees, parted so that Usotsuki can walk through the middle, bring the player to a linear expanse of snow and large trees which lead to the Smoke-Stack World.
  • There is a single, rather threadbare white house, home to the Faceless Couple. If you use your bat to take down either one of them, the outside forest will transform in a similar fashion to the Murder Hall event; the inside of the house will be drastically different.
  • When parts of the snow here are walked upon, a sound effect similar to the one Usotsuki makes when sitting down can be heard. Either something is under the snow in these parts, or it could be interpreted as Usotsuki rolling over in bed in the real world.