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The Snow Bug effect turns Usotsuki into a small fairy-like creature. Turning on this effect will cause snow to fall, and the effect must be unequipped to make the snow disappear.

This effect can be used to float across certain barriers that Usotsuki cannot walk into by herself. It is needed to find both the Thorns and Chimera effects. It is helpful to have the Match effect to find this effect.


  1. Enter the Dark Maze via the Nexus.
  2. Wander until you find a silver spiralling fixture that leads to Silent Hill.
  3. Enter the hole in the ground after travelling west for a while.
  4. In the Smoke Stack World, find a patch of snow with snow falling lightly onto it.
  5. In the Snowy Forest, travel west once to access another part of the area.
  6. FInd two trees next to each other with a glowing blue orb between them.
  7. The effect should be in front of you. Interact with the blue fairy.

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