Leaving Usotsuki's room while she is sleeping leads you to the Nexus.

From the Nexus, you can enter all areas in the dreamworld through one of the doo


rs. As you explore, more doors appear.

Looks exactly like Usotsuki's room when she is awake. No areas can be reached from this room, but by taking the diary on the table, it's possible to save anywhere without waking up.

A World Full of Egyptian Murals and white flowers.

A world mostly consisting of snow, with patches of bricks scattered around.

  • The Church: Found by interacting with a seemingly floating stained glass. It is simply a transition area, its main feature being a long row of pews. Sometimes the hall will restart, making it seem longer. Between two pews is a glowing red orb that transports Usotsuki to the Hanging Girls. At the end of the hall is a door that leads to The Office.
  • The Office
  • Nail Bat

A World with matches and a red sea.

  • Rose Garden is accessable from here by interacting with a tree.

A World with scribble trees and sugarplums scattered about.

  • Connects to Blue City from the scribble-like lamp post
  • Entry way to Subway is found here.
  • Sack effect is in the area.

A World full of clusters of stars and puddles of stardust.

  • Starry Path: Accesable from the two blue comet-like blobs. Nothing of interest except for the character Luna in the distance.
  • Crystal World: One way access to Crystal World by interacting with a blue shining crystal.

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