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Where do you think you're going?

The Murder Hall event is a random event that is believed to be triggered by killing Shinjitsuki in Usotsuki's room. Killing him will always trigger this event.


Upon exiting Shinjitsuki's room when he is dead, the halls leading to the room turn into a bloody purple with see-through floors. There is a hole in the room that

This doesn't look good.

teleports Usotsuki to the Headless World. If the player tries going back to the Chess Board room, the full screen event takes place, after which Usotsuki wakes up.

How to Get It[]

Follow the directions for how to reach Shinjitsuki via the link above and simply use the Nail bat to kill him. Afterwards, exit the room and leave the first hall.


It is thought that Usotsuki perhaps got into some sort of trouble involving whoever Shinjitsuki is in the real world; if Shinjitsuki is indeed the same person as Nanashi, this theory would certainly be more supported. Perhaps she attacked one or both of them, and as a result has been locked up in her room.