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The Flooded Garden is a network of dirt pathways surrounded by grass, reeds, and flowers over a murky background. Despite its somewhat calming premise, the area retains grim elements: chiefly with its lack of music, suggesting a certain emptiness, and secondly with its most northern reaches, wherein stands a great chainlink fence keeping in waif-like entities that meander about silently.

Notable Features[]

  • The Straw Hat Effect can be found here by interacting with the dried flower with a ribbon tied around it.
  • Hanabatake (lit. flower garden), a thin, pale, faceless woman in a blue dress, can be found here wandering the garden. Using the Match Effect on her will set her on fire and cause her to disappear.


  • Hanabatake wears a red ribbon tied in a similar fashion to the one around the dried plant. Ribbons have often been used to locate certain plants or spots of a landscape; perhaps she is searching for the flower. The straw hat obtained from this plant has a distinct ribbon as well, so perhaps it belonged to her.
  • Straw hats are a trademark accessory of gardners and farmers; Hanabatake could be in charge of the garden, drifting mournfully since the majority of it is dead.
  • On first inspection, some of the flowers appear to be tulips. However, one of the dead ones closely resembles foxgloves, a poisonous plant.