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Usotsuki standing by the Nexus door to Amoeba World.

Amoeba World Door.png

Amoeba World is available directly from the Nexus by going through the wine red door directly to the right ofUsotsuki's Dream Room. It must be unlocked to access, and appears after finding four effects.

The area consists of large sandbars with weedy plants growing out of them and is inhabited by white blob-like amoeba monsters with holes in their shapeless bodies.

Notable Features[]

  • By interacting with the large artichoke-like plant found in this world, the player is taken to the Library . Here there is an NPC who can change the menu to a number of themes: violet, rose, eye, and hand.
  • By walking between the two adjacent gnarled trees, the player is taken to a maze leading to GB World B.

Entrance to Gameboy World B